Why the F-ing Booth?!?

I waitress a few nights a week during the summer to supplement the lack of income from having the summer off.  And the thing that makes me wonder the most is WHY people insist on sitting at a booth?

Some people are absolutely crazy about HAVING to have a booth for their dining experience.  When I go into a restaurant, I honestly have not a care in the world where I’m seated as long as the food is good and I don’t have to eat it off the floor!

Last week I took a shift hostessing, and could not believe how many people requested one of the four booths we have available in our restaurant.  During our busy lunch rush, I had a woman come in and tell me she was meeting two friends, and that they wanted a booth.  I quickly looked back to see that all of the booths were currently occupied and informed the woman of the bad news.  She said she would wait up front for her friends rather than be seated.  About 10 minutes later, her friends came in, and she told me they were all there and happily announced, “And look!  There’s a booth available!!”

I looked back to see the “available” booth which was only “available” because the couple sitting there was literally JUST getting up. (sigh…)

635729645521083584-1431084594_1 person.png


Fast-forward a bit later in the day.  An older couple walked in, and as I was pleasantly greeting them, the woman barked at me, “A booth.  We want a booth!”

I hadn’t even finished greeting them, and she was already freaking out about sitting in a booth.  I just don’t get it! Does sitting in a booth make the food taste better?  The chairs at the tables are JUST as cushy as the booth seats.  So WHY on this Earth do people HAVE to sit in a damn booth??

If someone can explain this to me, please comment below.

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From the Ashes…

I’m very fortunate in my relationship in that we very rarely argue.  This isn’t just a miraculous occurrence, but a bit of work on our part as well.  That being said, we DO have arguments once in a while. Being that we are both smart (sometimes stubborn) individuals with minds of our own.

Well, the other night was  one of those rare moments where we argued.  It was stupid (as it usually is), but both of us being stubborn, was not easily resolved. Mostly we were arguing because my impatient ass can’t wait for him to move in, and he’s not quite ready.  We did talk and had a productive conversation, but I was in the zone, or in a mood, so I couldn’t let it go, and kept digging.

Then the hard part occurred (primarily because of our very different personalities). He wanted me to “leave him alone” and I wanted to talk things out and fix them.  The result.. me super sad, him super annoyed, and no sleep for either of us.  It was NOT a good night, and I went to work looking VERY ugly with puffy eyes and no makeup.


Out of the ashes, the phoenix rises.  The next night, we had a good conversation.  I was convinced I had screwed things up beyond repair, and he’d NEVER want to move in with me.  But one of the first things he said to me when he came over Saturday night was to name a time where he would be ready (or MOSTLY ready) to move in.  He honestly couldn’t have said anything better.

It really is all about yin and yang. Balance.  You can’t truly appreciate the good life (or a relationship) has to offer, if you don’t experience some bad.  So while I HATE our arguments, I can appreciate the good that comes from them.

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Having a Moment!

We all have them, and we all have them differently.  Some of us have our moments screaming, cursing, and dragging the whole world into them.

Some of us have our moments quietly; letting everything build inside until we explode in one way or another (possibly see above).

But sometimes, we realize we are having a moment (right there in the middle of it) and while we may act out in some fashion, we stop ourselves mid-moment, and reel it in so we don’t unwittingly drag others into our crazy.

It is this that I am working towards.  My moments are few and far between, but do tend toward the first.  So, I will work on stomping on the brakes and reeling in the moment.

#lifegoals #reelinthecrazy #onlyyoucanstopthemomentdownload.jpg

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It’s Like Bug Repellent…

I love Fun Fridays with my girl Lindsey! I’ve mentioned them in a previous post.  It’s where we get together with all FIVE of our kids, hang out, have dinner, and drink wine… LOTS of wine!

Well, last week, the kids were scattered about doing there own things, so Lindsey and I took the opportunity to put on music of OUR choosing.  The playlist included: Shinedown, Stained, and one of my favorites, Five Finger Death Punch.

While we were rocking out, the kids (all FIVE of them) came into the kitchen to see how dinner was coming along.  They were in there for all of thirty second before one of the teens asked (in the snarkiest tone imaginable), “What are you listening to?!?”

“Our music for once!” we replied laughing.

“Ugh! This sucks!” was the consensus from the teens, and they quickly left the kitchen.

“It’s like bug repellent for kids!” Lindsey laughed.  Now we know the trick to get rid of the kids when they’re driving us nuts!! Rock on!!


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Summer Vacation

There are many, many reasons that I love being a teacher.  One of the big ones is, of course, summer vacation.  Ten weeks off when the weather is at its best…who wouldn’t love it??

One of my absolute favorite things to do during summer vacation is to go to Vermont with family and friends.  We go way up north (about 10 miles from Canada).  It is definitely a sanctuary and a place, to unwind and recharge.  There is no electricity, no cell phones, no video games, and lots of conversation, outdoor time, and human interaction.

This vacation was even more special because Shawn and I brought all of our kids for the first vacation together.  It went much better than I hoped for.  The kids all got along really well, and had a lot of fun together.  They kayaked, tubed, played Manhunt in the pitch dark, and even on the wash-out of a rainy day, played cards and board games with little to no arguing.

This is the best vacation possible to me, because I get to see the kids being kids.  Playing, laughing, talking, interacting, and problem-solving.  But most importantly…making memories and starting traditions.

Both are very important to me as I still remember my own childhood vacations to the beach in Westbrook every summer.  Those summer vacations are some of my best memories.  My mom ALWAYS let my brother and me bring along friends, and we had the BEST times!!  We still laugh about some of our shennanigans during those summers at the cottage.

And THAT is what I am most excited about…giving my kids memories that will last a lifetime, and that they can share with their own kids.



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If I Could Take it Back…

Recently I’ve been thinking back to my teen years.  In my reminiscing, I’m not thinking of school, or friends, late nights, or crazy parties.  As I think back, I’m remembering how awful I was to my mother. She got the brunt of all my foul moods; angry, sad, tired, cranky, stressed, overwhelmed… No matter what crappy mood I was in (and there were plenty of them) and no matter who caused it, I took it all out on her.

I remember saying to her, “Stop acting like such a bitch!”  And I definitely remember the much deserved slap across the face right after. And then thinking to myself, “See, I was right. She IS a bitch!!”  All of this at the oh-so-very-wise-age of 15.


I wish I could take it all back.  Every nasty word, eye roll, and mean thought.

Karma has certainly come my way: in the form of two very mouthy, know-it-all teens.  All of the shit I gave my mother has come back to bite me in the ass twice over.  Every nasty word, eye roll, and mean thought they send my way is a dagger to my heart and a question of my ability to parent.  Without even trying they can make me feel like I’ve done everything completely wrong and have no idea what the hell I’m doing.


But most of all, it makes me wish I could take back all the crap I gave my own mother. It makes me regret all of the daggers I sent to her heart and all the times I must have made her question her ability to parent.

I just hope she knows how very much I loved her, and that I know that she always, always put my brother and me first and truly did the best that she could.

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“Someday” Happened


I LOVE this quote.  I came across it in the depths of dating despair.  It gave me hope that somewhere out there in the big, bad world of online dating was someone meant for me.

I was in the wrong relationship for a long time (married for 17 years), and then proceeded to date plenty of the wrong men.  I got married right out of college to the first guy I seriously dated.  The relationship wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t right either.

After I got divorced, I dated enough to make up for the lack of dating earlier on in life.  Plenty of wrong choices there.  And then, about the time I really started to believe that there were absolutely NO normal men out there in the dating world, I met S.

A year-and-a-half later this quote makes absolute sense.  While no relationship is perfect,  I know what it is to be in a really good, solid, happy relationship.  And I know now why it never worked out with anyone else.

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The End is Near…

Now that the holidays are over, all the talk is about the upcoming new year.  According to the comments running rampant all over social media, most people are eagerly awaiting the end of 2016.  But I have to say that overall 2016 wasn’t too bad.  There were a few bumps in the road, but that’s just life: full of ups and downs.


I have so much to be thankful for and feel that in 2016 I started a foundation to help make 2017 my year to shine.

I feel that I have had many successes in 2016 and learned valuable lessons from my my my mistakes and failures. I have grown in so many ways, and I realize that every day and every experience has made me into the person I have become and is a building block to my future.  And I am so proud each and every day of the woman I have become and am still becoming.


In 2016, I was happy to have my relationship with S grow and flourish. I am thankful to be in a happy, healthy relationship that is a true partnership.  He always tells me that he is in my life to teach me patience and how to live in the now.  These are definitely two areas that I needed to work on, and feel that I am slowly but surely improving in these areas.

In 2016 I have really worked on improving my finances. I am not where I want to be yet, but I am slowly paying off my debt and I’ve learned a lot about building up my finances and saving up a little nest egg.  2016 was not my year to shine in the area of finances, I had too many bumps in this road in the form of unexpected expenses.  However, I sought out assistance and worked on educating myself more in this area, so I can be where I want to.  2016 was the stepping stone to financial freedom in 2017!!


Parenting…Ugh!  Always a bumpy road and a continuous learning opportunity!  I honestly don’t believe that there’s such a thing as a perfect parent, but there are days where I think to myself, “Man I HAVE to do better than today!!”  Unfortunately, this past year had more than it’s fair share of those days!  So, again, maybe this wasn’t my year for “Mom of the Year,” but holy smokes did I learn a LOT about parenting this year!! And there’s always 2017 for my nomination to come in!!


Ok, so 2016 was not perfect, but I grew, I learned, I laughed, I loved, I made memories, and I built a foundation for a bigger, better year in 2017.

Happy New Year to all!!

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Sweet 16 in NYC

The month of December is always a busy one for me.  It goes without saying that the holidays take up a lot of time, but add to that my daughter’s birthday, and it’s just a crazy time of year.  This year was a big one…SWEET 16 on the 16th!!

I decided to give my daughter the experience of a lifetime for her sweet 16… a trip to the Big Apple.  We would go on her birthday, see the Rockettes (which is huge because she has been dancing since she was 3-years-old), stay the night, and have a day of shopping on Saturday.

I honestly can’t say who enjoyed it more.  I was thrilled when she didn’t want to invite her friend and just wanted to spend the weekend with me!!


It was one of the coldest days of the year so far (-15 degrees) but we walked around the city like we owned it.  Once we figured out the uncomplicated numbered grid system, it was easy to navigate.  We hit all the hot spots.  We were very lucky to have a hotel right around the corner from Grand Central, we went to Rockafeller Center and saw the tree, saw the amazing sight of Times Square lit up at night, got a half a pound of cheesecake at Junior’s, and saw the fantastic Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall starring the Rockettes!!  The night was magical to say the least.

While we slept, Mother Nature paid a visit in the form of snow.  This quickly turned to rain, so we were sloshing through slush and puddles as we shopped our way through NYC.  We also ate our way through NYC making sure to get a taste of their famous pretzels and pizza, as well as stopping by one of the numerous Starbucks for a coffee, and grabbing some sweet treats at Baked by Melissa.

It was a memorable gift for both Emma and me.  I will always remember the beautiful weekend I got to spend with my beautiful daughter in the city that never sleeps!

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Don’t Get Sucked In!!

Negativity breeds negativity…

This is a truth I’m becoming more and more aware of.  It’s a murky swamp sucking at your soul, and the more you’re surrounded by it, the more likely you are to be sucked into it.  Most adults have crazy, hectic lives full of responsibility, to do lists, and “I don’t want to’s.”  But if all you do is complain and focus on all of the negatives, that’s ALL that you’ll ever have.


I didn’t believe how powerful a “negative vibe” could be until I sat in a room and felt the awful negative energy for myself!  The longer I sat in a room full of unhappy, stressed out people, the more angry and unhappy I became!!  No matter how hard I tried to stay positive and ignore the negative, it sucked me into the nasty murky swamp anyway!

I’ve even seen people who are normally very positive and upbeat get sucked down into the downward spiral of negativity.  It is my goal to avoid this at all costs.  My job and life are demanding enough without getting bogged down in negativity.  I will simply stay away from it as often as possible, or exit myself from the conversation/atmosphere, and if I do happen to get drawn into the swamp, I will try and deflect it with a positive comment or silly story.

Bottom line… negativity breeds negativity, and I hope to help stop the madness!


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